Selected Works

Nineties Kid, flash fiction, 2017

Working Title, short fiction, 2015

Unmasked!, short fiction, 2015

Ticker Tape Kings, short fiction, 2014

Madrid, Before a Recession, poetry, 2014

Black Paintings in a White Wing, travel memoir, 2014

Kings Cross, short fiction, 2014

Scenes from a Road Movie, short fiction, 2014

so we’ve yet to find a decent map with south sudan, essay, 2013

Coal Dust, novel excerpt, 2013

The Stars / Les Étoilesshort fiction, 2013

Game of Thrones Irreverent Recaps, television reviews, 2011-2012

A Live Studio Audience, flash fiction, 2011

Ashleigh’s Story, contribution to re:Moved project, 2011

my top ten antiheroes, film blog, 2009

Commuter School, poetry, 2008