Inspire Courage Crafts

Even in my leisure activities tilt towards geekery. Not content to just crochet granny squares, I started a collection of dice bags for all your favourite polyhedral friends. Not to be outdone, each bag has a character. Follow me over to Inspire Courage Crafts if you're interest is sufficiently piqued.

Museum of the Western World & Trev’s Books with BIBLIOCACHE

As a certain big-eyed ingenue once said, life moves pretty fast sometimes. We've barely got Museum of the Western World printed and it's already out in the world! So is Trev's Books! (I've also sent them my old classic What I Did on a Saturday Afternoon!) I was invited by Aaron Moran to contribute new … Continue reading Museum of the Western World & Trev’s Books with BIBLIOCACHE

Interview with Quarter Castle Publishing

Another shameless plug. This time an interview with Quarter Castle Publishing. Behold, my majesty!

I have to admit that I love talking about my writing process.

It forces a level of self-reflexivity that I think is healthy, as well as provides a valuable time to reflect on the effectiveness of my process.

Also, I am vain.

(Also also… that picture of me had a plate of pierogis artfully cropped out.)

Quarter Castle Publishing

Author InterviewAshleigh Rajala of New Westminster, British Columbia, is the author of Working Title, the winning submission in Quarter Castle Publishing’s first short story writing contest.

Recently Quarter Castle Publishing interviewed Ashleigh.

QCP: When did you decide to become a writer?

Ashleigh: I remember a moment as a book-obsessed child where I realized that someone created those books and that I too could do that. The first story I wrote was about a dinosaur, and my mum sewed a cover onto it and everything. Sadly, this opus has been lost to history. So I never really decided, it was just something I have always done.

QCP: Do you write every day? If not, how many days do you dedicate to writing?

Ashleigh: I write every day. Sometimes life gets in the way, but that’s okay. But I try to never let myself stop if I’m feeling blocked or less than…

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Quarter Castle Chronicles… chronicled

I am extremely thrilled and humbled to share that Quarter Castle Chronicles, Volume One, is now available in print and e-book! Quarter Castle Chronicles ~ Volume One showcases 13 short stories by 12 Canadian authors. They take place in settings across the country, both in the present and the past. From the rugged coast of … Continue reading Quarter Castle Chronicles… chronicled

Consider the Working Title Worked

I'm happy to share that one of my works has been included in the latest issue of WomenArts Quarterly Journal. Based out of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, WomenArts Quarterly Journal (WAG) is: an initiative of Women in the Arts, aspires to nurture, provide support, and challenge women of all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, and abilities … Continue reading Consider the Working Title Worked

When I was Thirteen a Thesaurus Lied to Me

Contrary to the alleged wisdom of Roget's Super Thesaurus 1995 edition (what deemed it "super" the tome never explained): "poetry" and "prose" are NOT synonyms. Thirteen-year-old me did not realize this. I trusted the almighty power of the printed word. Old notebooks now hold embarrassing hand-lettered titlepages. Of course, by "hand-lettered," I mean letters cut from … Continue reading When I was Thirteen a Thesaurus Lied to Me

Fiction and Festivities with Sassafras Literary Magazine

The pleasure is mine to announce - imaginary megaphone in hand - that I have a piece published in the most recent issue of Sassafras Literary Magazine. In their sixth issue, Sassafras, have gathered an excellent collection of other short works of art, poetry, fiction and non-fiction that I am proud to be in the company … Continue reading Fiction and Festivities with Sassafras Literary Magazine

Which Drunken Story to Tell…?

The good people at The Round Up Writer's Zine have published a piece of mine of great intellectual snobbery... ... namely the story of time I got really drunk on Sambuca while camping. This was for The Moonshine Edition, which was seeking embarrassing drunken stories. With the piece entitled "Always the Sambuca," I have to admit that … Continue reading Which Drunken Story to Tell…?

Archie… Out of Context and into the fire

So, The Commune is full of Archie comics. The explanation is thus: When Dr. Roommate, Ex-Roommate, and myself all moved in together, Dr. Roommate found a couple of Archie comics in a box of random shit she had. Naturally, we indulged in some gleeful nostalgia and read them cover to cover. One day my thirteen-year-old … Continue reading Archie… Out of Context and into the fire


I've recently had the chance to join an interesting project by Allison Lasorda. The Re:moved Project is "an interactive visual narrative project that features individuals’ experiences with home. by examining unique perspectives on homes that have been “lost” (whether through relocation, demolition, or (re)construction) this project aims to remove the stigma associated with nostalgia and, … Continue reading re:moved

Anno Domini Gallery’s 2011 Art of Zines in San Jose

The 2011 ART OF ZINES exhibition will run for four weeks at the Anno Domini gallery in the SoFA District of San Jose, California. Quoth Anno Domini: "Zines are one of the last frontiers for freedom of speech and creative self expression and we need it now more than ever." This year's zine exhibition will … Continue reading Anno Domini Gallery’s 2011 Art of Zines in San Jose

Excerpts from an Interview with Myself

Okay, exciting, I know. Transcript/rip-off of my interview with (from sometime last spring). I was discussing my writing process with someone today, and it made me want to blog about it (naturally). Then I remembered this interview, so I thought I would share this instead. I wrote all the answers, so I feel no … Continue reading Excerpts from an Interview with Myself

On to the next project that will encompass my entire waking life for the next several weeks.

Filmtoberfest was this past Saturday, so that explains my: a) lack of blog posts, b) lack of sleep, c) lack of a balanced diet, d) lack of a social life, e) any other number of reason why I've been general weird(er). The night went off with minimal hitches, and they were all technical, so - … Continue reading On to the next project that will encompass my entire waking life for the next several weeks.

Filmtoberfest – seeking your (preferably non-porn) short films

(Shameless plug alert) We, the lil' indie folks at QLP, are getting ready for Vancouver's inaugural Filmtoberfest and we need your films! Yes, your short films. Or films about shorts. Either is good. However, anything over fifteen minutes is probably too long. So are capris. Anyway, Quarter-Life Productions, in association with 591 Productions, are currently … Continue reading Filmtoberfest – seeking your (preferably non-porn) short films

From Magazine Vendors to Muddy Boots

my weekend in an adequately-sized organic vessel After an intriguing afternoon of gallavanting all over Vancouver, including a far too long walk down East Hastings (FYI, Spartacus Books has moved even further east down Hastings), Taryn and I found a vendor for Hacksaw! *cue rejoicing peasants* You can now get Hacksaw Literary Arts Magazine at … Continue reading From Magazine Vendors to Muddy Boots

Quarter-Life Productions Launch Party

Come one, come all! All of us at Quarter-Life Productions are hosting a party to celebrate our venture into pre-production for our short film, tentatively titled, "Things I Hate"! This launch party will provide an opportunity for everyone to come by and see what we're all about! If you're interested in auditioning for an acting … Continue reading Quarter-Life Productions Launch Party