Much has already been discussed about Fox News calling The Muppets Communists, and that sound you may have heard was a billion people’s jaws dropping to the floor with a resounding “Whaaa….aaaaat?”

The headline “Are Liberals trying to brainwash your children against capitalism?” might seem like too much, but then when they proclaim that the liberal bias lies with the new villain being an oil tycoon (as if this is something that has never been done before), you groan with a sudden, deeper despair for humanity than you’ve ever, ever had.

Well, they did sneak him back in to the country in an armoured train, right? Right?!

An oil tycoon as a villain? That’s where you draw the line, Fox News? I’m pretty sure that on Hollywood’s List of Most-Unsympathetic-Villains-Ever, “Oil Tycoons” are second only to “Nazis.”

Now, the utter absurdity of Fox News is something one could rant about endlessly, but I would rather like to think of the detrimental effect this will have on comedy, especially Satire.

I suppose Jim Henson DID have a personality cult.

Satire is easily my most favourite brand of comedy. You can satirize almost anything on any level. It is what makes comedy transcend. It makes comedy an art.

So with this whole Muppetista scandal, the guy I feel really bad for is Stephen Colbert and other satirists like him whose entire bits are focused on the aforementioned utter absurdity of outlets and institutions like Fox News.

I mean, what can they do now? They’re screwed.

But so does this douche.

It reminds me of a discussion my roommates and I had about all the hipsters moving into our neighbourhood in the last year or so. We were no longer the resident over-educated/under-employed twenty-somethings.

We thought about how one might “out-hipster” the hipsters.

I suggested that the only way was to be ironic, ironically.

But how far does it go? How far can one fall down the rabbit hole? What if Being Ironic, Ironically catches on with the skinny jeans crowd? Can you even Be Ironic, Ironically, Ironically?

Definitely looks like Soviet Realism to me.

It’s like holding up a mirror to a mirror and watching it spin-off into infinity, the diminishing returns disappearing off into the distance. Before long, you’ve looped back around and the only way to truly be ironic is to be just absolutely sincere.

So, this is my theory:

As stupid as this whole “Miss Piggy Must Be Stalin” makes Fox News look, I fear this may actually have been their intent. They’ve “out-hipstered” the hipsters. They’ve been just SO utterly absurd that they’ve rendered themselves Beyond Satirization.

Which one is Bill O’Reilly?

So now the Fourth Estate is useless.

Yes, Fox News, The Communists HAVE won.