So I’ve finished another novel.

It’s not about Pirates in Space. In fact, it’s probably the exact opposite.

It’s about two step-siblings who start an affair after the death of their younger brother (who narrates the story).

Very strange turn to take, I know.

Anyway, the first draft of the manuscript is done. I’m now reading and editing and devoting the next few months of my life to catching up on other projects that aren’t novels. Including film. And reading books. And having a social life.

I started work on this one at the beginning of September, so it’s been a short gestation period, but it kind of took over my creative life. Perhaps it was necessary to do something quiet and character-driven following a space opera.

I guess it’s the same for actors.


This is also why I’ve not really followed up on publication with pirates in space. In which direction do I want to aim my career? Genre or literary?

(first world problems)

I don’t know. But this does mean that I should be blogging more.

Unless the muse should grab me by the balls again.