Some progress. Very little of this is noted on The Board. My first act is kicking ass and taking names. (It is also taking numbers, so when it has sorted out its interpersonal issues, it will be making a round of apologetic phone calls.)

UPDATE (MAR 31, 2011): It might seem remarkably apparent that this is a wee little board. The truth is… I can rarely dedicate myself to one project at a time, so I have about 7 boards on the go right now (at last count). They are stacked against the wall like some would-be artist’s canvases. I can’t afford the money/time/space to purchase a large board each time I have a new idea strike me down. I usually get a small board for keeping all the preliminary work on like this; that’s my laptop underneath it, if you need scale. Once the project is in full-go, as in, once it is taking up the majority of my writing time (which won’t happen until pirates in space is done), then it can graduate onto a bigger board.

Just thought I’d clear that up.