So I’ve been hectically planning for Filmtoberfest, which lands in approximately three weeks. I’m on schedule, but I can’t help but be stressed to the hilt. Even as I write this, with full intention not to recapitulate the minutia of details about what exactly I need to do, I can’t help but feel as though I need to list everything. But I won’t. There. I’ve stopped myself. Good.

The QLP area of my life has generally been pretty rewarding lately. The Year Without Hockey has been accepted into the Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival in Bay City, Michigan. It’s running October 1 – 4, 2009, so if you’re in the Bay City area around that time, be sure to check it out. I contemplated going myself, but have a myriad of forces working against me. Among their ranks: lack of funds, lack of ability to take more time off work, Filmtoberfest being the very next weekend. Argh. Next time. Next time.

Since this is really exciting news, and since the partner of one of YWH’s lead actors (Dennis Thomas) is a media personality for DCTV (Deneka Michaud), Jason and I are being interviewed a la maison de mes parents ce soir. (I don’t know if that French is correct, but we’re being interviewed at my parent’s house tonight.) Should be exciting! I have no idea when it’s airing, but it should be sometime in the next few weeks. There’s a little, inflated-ego part of me that thinks, “Oh, another interview, how cute,” but that’s really not true. I’m so excited that I almost typed “super excited,” as though I were a fourteen-year-old with freckles and a lisp.

Despite all this pseudo-celebrity activity, I’ve actually felt that utter gaping hole in the middle of my soul that comes with a realization that, despite everything, I haven’t really written anything for a couple of weeks. Those XKCD comics? Brilliant, but an easy way to dodge original content or creativity. Kinda like when the teacher used to call on you in class and you’d respond by asking another question. I have also found this delightful website,, which does exactly what every other blog on the internet does, BUT WITH STYLE. I spent the better part of a Sunday catching up on Overthinking Lost. I miss my random insights into things that are absolutely not profound whatsoever. It helps me organize the thoughts I think. My thoughts are always so obscure and chaotic; so Abstract and Random, that by forcing myself to write about them literally forces me to put them in a sequential order, with concrete meaning (I’m not even going to go off on a tangent about Semiotics or Derrida, even though I could, and the randomness of my brain just connected this with a million other Structural vs Post-Structural thoughts). Writing – about anything – is how I organize my thoughts, how I make sense of the world and all its complexities. I think that’s an easy thing to say about all art… and science even. Is the opposite of science faith or art? Or all they just different bubbles on a brainstorming chart, none with priority over the others, just different ideas – with one precarious figure at the centre…


PS I’ve started rereading Hitchhiker’s