Early manuscripts of Oscar Wilde’s, available to read on British Literary Manuscripts Online.

Being natural is simply a pose, and one of the most irritating poses I know.

There is a fatality about good resolutions. They are invariably made too soon.

One can always be kind to people about whom one cares nothing. That is why English family life is so pleasant.

There is only one thing worse than being talked about. That is not being talked about.

The capacity of finding temptations is the test of the culture of our nature. The capacity of yielding to temptations is the test of the strength of one’s character.

My first reaction was, “wow, this is neat.” (Yes, “neat.” I’m an square.) However, after a moment’s thought, I realized that these are people’s personal handwritten drafts. Is it okay because these people are dead and their work lives on, or is this really just the equivalent of scanning your little sister’s journal and uploading it onto your blog? (Not that I’ve done this.) As a writer, I would be devastated if someone posted my first drafts and personal letters online. However, if I were dead, I would be dead and thus wouldn’t care. Also, even if these works weren’t in the public domain, the very concept of electronic copyright didn’t exist (if the idea of copyright even did, depending on how old the writer). Welcome to the Internet Age: ridiculously free information-sharing, but a little bit of someone dies.