I had a strange dream last night that basically confirmed all the things are on my mind right now. I dreamt that Darcie arrived at the QLP meeting (more on that later) with our business cards, and said that she decided to “redo” the logo. (our logo is basically a Q). The card was every letter of the alphabet, EXCEPT Q. She said, in a perfectly Derridean context, that she wanted to challenge the basic binary concept of present and absent, by showing that in order for the whole alphabet to exist without Q, Q would inevitably be present, because only by it’s absence, can the rest of the letters exist without it. Such is the problem with binary opposites, that for one to exist, the other must as well. Ie, how can anything be considered “good” if we don’t have the concept of “evil” to compare it to. BAH.

I must get back to reading my children’s books.